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A selection of 1950's programs

Le mans posters programs and memorabilia

If you are an enthusiast for the Le Mans 24 hour endurance race then you have come to the right place. This is where you will find original le mans posters, le mans programs, rare le mans rule books, le mans advertising leaflets together with all different kinds of Le Mans memorabilia Relating to the great race including every book written on the subject including the Roger Labric Geo Ham 1949 masterpiece and the holy grail of motorsport books Les 24 heures du mans printed in 1949. You can also view the original 1955 Le mans Pierre Levegh letters from the Alfred Neubauer estate relating to the tragic 1955 accident.
Le mans film poster
An original Steve Mcqueen one sheet film poster
If you are interested in the Steve Mcqueen film Le Mans you will find original film poster's and the very rare original Lobby cards.

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Some of the rare items at this site for the 24 heures du mans are nigh on impossible to obtain.They are all here available to peruse and are all available to purchase

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