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The spoils of battle at Le mans
Yours truly, russ & simon 2005 le mans kart winners


I have been a Le Mans fanatic since I first went to the great race in 1983, and I have been back every year since. I originally started collecting posters and programs for the years that I had attended, but then I decided to expand my collection to cover the years prior to my first visit.

Over the years I have amassed the many items that are shown within this website, but I have now decided that it is time to sell this great collection as I shortly intend to move to a warmer clime. This Le Mans collection is probably one of the most comprehensive in the world, with some items like the Pierre Levegh letters from the Alfred Neubauer Estate being absolutely priceless.

Although I will take realistic offers for the collection in its entirety (together with the domain name and website), it is intended that the complete collection is sold off individually from this website. All prices include shipping to anywhere in the world. Insurance will be an additional cost if desired. If you have an interest in any of the items on offer and would like a high definition photo of it before making a decision, to contact use the contact page of this website. Payments can be made by Paypal.

Thank you for taking the time to drop in and even if you do not buy anything, I hope you enjoy looking at the items on offer within this site.

Racing is life – everything else is just waiting!