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Bernd Rosemeyer Auto Union


An Original Wayercolour Signed by the artist  Uli Ehret 2006

Dimensions: 510mm (L) × 660mm (W)

3 world records 16 class records Welt Rekord Rennwagen stromlineon.

Rosemeyer was killed during a land speed record attempt  the German autobahn between Frankfurt and,Darmstadt on 28 January 1938.

Competing for the record against Rudolph carraciola, Rosemeyer went out later in the day in his Auto Union streamliner, setting a new class record of 432 km/h (268 mph) In an effort to raise the record still higher, despite a report that the wind was picking up, Rosemeyer took the streamliner out again. After two preliminary runs he was on his third and final attempt at 11:47, when the car suddenly went out of control. Whether caught by a gust of wind or by an unforeseen aerodynamic effect, it skidded to the left onto the median, then right and off the highway, where it went airborne and collided with a bridge embankment. Rosemeyer was thrown out of the car as it somersaulted through the air; he died at the roadside.[2]